Circles vs. Squares

Posted by: Marvin Hanashiro

December 2nd, 2012 >> Preferred Venues, Venues, Wedding Tips, Weddings

Determining the best floor plan for your event is an important detail in planning any type of reception, especially when a dinner service is involved. Optimizing the use of a reception space and making sure guests are comfortably seated are just a couple of things you need to consider. Here are some tips to help you in configuring the best layout:



• Typically, round tables are the best option for seated receptions because they seat more guests than a banquet table and more rounds are normally able to fit in a space than the same amount of banquet tables. However, sitting at a round table doesn’t always lend itself to easy conversation, since it’s more difficult to converse with the guests seated directly across the table from you, especially if there’s a large centerpiece to block your line of sight.



• Banquet-style seating with long tables or squares is great for smaller parties, since the layout can resemble a more intimate affair at home. This promotes conversation among guests since you’re able to easily chat with guests seated next to and across from you, compared to being at a round table (especially if it’s larger than a 60” round table).










• If a seated reception of circles or squares is not your cup of tea, consider a flow reception or tables mixed with cocktail tables and lounge furniture. This creates a more social atmosphere since guests are encouraged to walk around the reception space versus being confined to a chair. Keep in mind a plated dinner service would not work in this scenario since not everyone would have a dedicated table and chair.


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