8 #WeddingDisasters to Avoid

Posted by: Marvin Hanashiro

January 4th, 2013 >> Coordination, Design, Events, Party Tips, Wedding Tips

These are some huge no-no’s that may prevent your wedding day from turning into a disaster. Wedding planning is normally uncharted territory for many brides and grooms, so to help you along your journey, here are some simple things to avoid in order to help the whole process go swimmingly and ensure a successful event:


  • Using a friend instead of a pro: Many people want to use a friend to provide the services of a wedding pro, like a coordinator or photographer, because it’s a gift or they want to save on cost. However, before you say “yes”, be sure your friend has lots of experience with events and knows how to handle all types of situations. Also, if your friend is working during your wedding, will they really be able to enjoy themselves?

















  • Using a club DJ over a wedding DJ: Playing great music isn’t the only attribute a good wedding DJ needs to have. A wedding DJ usually serves as your MC and helps set and guide the tone of your wedding, so this pro needs to be comfortable with duties like making announcements and dealing with guests that constantly ask them to play “Call Me Maybe.”
  • Not hiring a “day of” wedding coordinator: In my opinion, one of the biggest wedding no-nos is not hiring or designating a day-of coordinator. This person is the first person to arrive and the last person to leave your wedding, and handles all the business in between  from keeping your vendors in check to making sure the bride and groom don’t get too tipsy. After all, nobody likes a drunk bride.
  • Not hiring a videographer: Skipping on a videographer is a common occurrence  but there are some things photos can’t capture, like the emotion felt during your vows or a heartfelt speech.
  • Scheduling the bachelor/bachelorette party too close to the wedding date: The last thing you want to do is be hungover on your wedding day, so be sure the parties are set at least a couple days before the wedding. The movie “The Hangover” is funny because of the crazy antics and because it didn’t happen to you.
  • Getting attached to specific flowers: Although you may have the perfect vision of your wedding flowers, consider approaching the final product in terms of colors, shapes, and flowers that are typically in season during your wedding. This can be a huge cost savings and help your florist scramble in the unlikely event your flowers are no longer in bloom around your wedding; in terms of the latter, it may be wise to discuss a backup floral vision.
  • No backup plan in case of bad weather: If your ceremony or reception is in an outdoor space, be sure to have a backup plan in case of emergency. The only thing worse than a drunk bride is a soaking wet one.
  • Losing perspective on what’s really important: Many of my brides and grooms get overwhelmed during the wedding planning process, getting hung up on certain details and sweating the small stuff. Whenever the stress is almost too much to handle, take a step back and think about what’s important to you. Remember, at the end of the day, your wedding is about celebrating the joining of two lives and not the color of your linens or flowers.
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