#ProfessionalTips on making any #Event into a smashing success

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January 26th, 2013 >> Coordination, Creative Options, Design, Events, Party Tips, Tips

I can say that from small to large scale events, it is important to make sure all guests are catered to as if they were in an intimate bistro. Joel and Sharon recently hosted a party for the company RehabVisions at their beautiful home in the lush Rancho Santa Fe area. It is always important to have a strong communication with the client to understand the parameters of the event and get a strong idea of what their expectation for the event.  After speaking with the clients personally, and emailing each other on a regular basis, we were able to put together a game plan. Our game plan allowed us to host a beautiful and well thought out event.  With an amazing staff supporting me from the Cuvier Club, the Abbey Catering and Design, servers and chefs, we went above and beyond to create an environment pleasing and welcoming to the guests and home owners.


  • Create visual impacts, such as The Abbey Catering martini tree as a welcome drink as they first entered the courtyard or 3 stations lit by candles, crisp white linens, and silver etched vases to give it sparkle
  • Stations work best for an elegant casual feel and where the guests can interact with the chefs; such a herb rubbed tenderloin carving station
  • Have a great menu, such as the one we hosted with this event:



Station #1, “surf and turf”: shrimp and artichoke skewers with a butter glaze, beef tenderloin with all the toppings, and truffle mashed potatoes

Station #2, “healthy and light”, lox with capers, citrus, and tarragon infused cream cheese on a buttery crustini , vegetable crudité, Jamaican jerk skewers and dates with a bit of indulgence stuffed with spinach and rustic cheese and wrapped in juicy bacon

Station #3, “Mexico”, chicken enchiladas with ruby red tomato and jalapeño salsa with all the condiments to go with it,   roasted jalapeno stuffed with rustic cheese and fresh corn salsa.

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One Response to “#ProfessionalTips on making any #Event into a smashing success”
Sharon Larmore Says:
January 30th, 2013 at 1:56 pm

Great to work with the staff.
Everyone was so organized and knew what their job was.
The event went off without a hitch and the weather even cooperated !
Thank you

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